Service Schedule (see complete calendar)

Weekly Services

8:30am Sunday Book of Common Prayer
10:30am Sunday Book of Alternative Services

Monthly Services

10:30am 2nd Thursday Royalcliffe Residence Service
10:00am 4th Thursday Waverly Residence Service
7:00pm 2nd Wednesday Beer and Bible

Newcomer Information

Welcome to St. Andrew Memorial!

We are a growing and vibrant church in the center of London focused on discovering new ways to serve our neighbours and community.

Our members continually live out their faith in their homes, places of work and with their friends and neighbours – so wherever you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome here – to learn and to grow.


On Sunday we gather to connect with one another and to worship God. There are two services offered that you are welcome to come and explore.

If you do want to come and experience our community on a Sunday morning, then come wearing whatever you want, with your morning coffee in hand – all questions and doubts are welcome!

A typical Sunday service

  • You’ll be greeted as you come in, handed a worship program (with all the words to the service) that will guide you through the service – so no previous experience is necessary.
  • At the 10:30 the service is projected entirely on the screens, simply find a comfortable seat and follow along.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly when you need to stand or sit (it isn’t really that important) and only join in when you feel comfortable.
  • The music will be in either the blue hymnbook, our supplemental songbook in your pew and projected on the screens.
  • There will be a monetary offering taken up (you are welcomed to contribute to the operation of the parish but please don’t feel you have to!)
  • We celebrate communion at our weekly services, and all baptized Christians are welcomed to receive the bread and the wine. Simply come up to the altar rail at the time of communion to receive with everyone else. Simply cup your hands to receive the bread and accept the cup. If you do not wish to receive, you may still come forward, cross your arms across your chest and receive a blessing


If there is a question that comes to mind during the service, the sermon or during your exploration of the community you can ask after the service, send an email to Pastor Lisa at or send a message us on Facebook or Instagram.

St Andrew memorial is an Anglican church, which means we value and celebrate the historical Anglican expression of the Christian faith. We believe that the good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is relevant to everyone and can transform all our lives. But wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here to explore the diversity of our faith.

You can learn about our community here.


At St Andrew Memorial we believe that God calls us into the world to make a tangible difference in other people’s lives. We have many different outreach opportunities to help our community and our neighbours. You can learn about our current ministry opportunities here.

You are invited

We’re located at 55 Foxbar Road, just north of the Victoria Hospital. We are accessible and you will find our elevator at the front of the building.

Do come and check us out, we hope to see you soon!