Service Schedule (see complete calendar)

Weekly Services

8:30am Sunday Book of Common Prayer
10:30am Sunday Book of Alternative Services

Monthly Services

10:30am 2nd Thursday Royalcliffe Residence Service
10:00am 4th Thursday Waverly Residence Service
7:00pm 2nd Wednesday Beer and Bible

Beer & Bible

Each month we meet at Chaucer’s Pub for beer and bible.

We have finished studying the Minor Prophets, sometime referred to as the Twelve Prophets. Currently we are looking the Epistles of the New Testament. Although if there is a passage or book of the bible you would like to discuss, we are always open to suggestions.

We begin each session with first a pint in our hands and a prayer. Then we situate the text and the author historically. Then after reading the text we break down what the text is saying historically to the culture it was writing in and for. We then look into the text to see what it may be saying to us today, in our context.

Always insightful, always fun, and always a great way to catch up with friends, Beer and Bible brings church to the world and the world to church.