Service Schedule (see complete calendar)

Weekly Services

8:30am Sunday Book of Common Prayer
10:30am Sunday Book of Alternative Services

Monthly Services

10:30am 2nd Thursday Royalcliffe Residence Service
10:00am 4th Thursday Waverly Residence Service
7:00pm 2nd Wednesday Beer and Bible

Chancel Guild

A Chancel Guild, sometimes known as an Altar Guild, is a group of dedicated individuals that keeps the church looking good and running smoothly.

The Chancel Guild prepares the sanctuary for our weekly services, prepares the flowers and decorations and takes care of the linens, vestments and worship items.

At St. Andrew Memorial, the Chancel Guild also ensures that altar flowers, given by our community members, often in memorial, find their way to members of the community to remind them that our thoughts are with them in times of need or absence.

If you are interested in joining the Chancel Guild and helping to prepare the sanctuary for worship on a rotating schedule, please speak with the rector.