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St Andrew Memorial Wins Grant

A bowl of soup and a desire to change London. Sounds like an interesting combination doesn’t it. This is exactly the idea behind London Soup.

The Soupsters gather every couple of months to hear of local, sustainable food projects in or around London Ontario. And they vote one up. The winning pitch receives the proceeds from the night.

On October 10th, the Soupsters gathered again at Saffron’s Restaurant in Fanshawe College to hear 5 pitches. One of those pitches was the St Andrew Memorial Community Garden.

Interested parties listened attentively while dining on organic soup, either vegan or carnivore, nibbled on gluten free bread and weighed the merits of the 5 pitches, looking at their sustainability and impact across London On.

When the time came to vote, the Soupsters rise from their tables, soup spoon in hand and place the spoon in the bin of their favourite pitch from the night.

And as the spoons were counted, St Andrew Memorial was the winning pitch that night and received a grant of $1000 from London Soup.

Our pitch surrounded the St Andrew Memorial Community Garden. The growth of the garden from its modest beginnings in 2011 and the evolution and growth that our RENEW project has taken each year.

How we have grown from 8 plots to 10, built garden boxes around our plots, added composters and fruit trees to begin circling the garden and creating an orchard in the heart of London.


We listed how the neighbourhood has access to the garden and how as a parish community St Andrew Memorial grew over 250 lbs of fresh produce for the Fellowship Centre this past season. How it was the fresh vegetables from the garden that made up the ingredients for the soup that serves 3000 hot meals each month in London. And how these ingredients helped provide the basis for over 12 000 bowls of nutritious soup for London’s most vulnerable.

Thanks to London Soup the garden will grow again in 2014 as 4 new plots can now be constructed, area residence can grow their own organic food and St Andrew Memorial can once again change the face of poverty in London through nutritious fresh produce for the cities most disadvantaged.