Welcome to Saint Andrew Memorial

Worship at St. Andrew Memorial is grounded in the historical and contemporary traditions of the Anglican Church of Canada. We seek to create a worship experiences that bridges the traditional and contemporary, offering a relationship with God for all members of your family. You can learn more about the structure of our service in the newcomer guide.

As part of the Diocese of Huron and the Anglican Church of Canada, St. Andrew Memorial maintains the historical traditions as they have been passed down to us through generations. We also seek to worship in new ways, that speak to our world today and the problems that it faces.This can take the form of prayer services in the community garden,  and additions to our Sunday services like the blessing of the Backpacks.

Worship is central to the St. Andrew Memorial community as it forms and prepares us to live missionally in the world. Worship grounds us and recharges us weekly as we are prepared to go into the world lovingly to serve all people.

Worship, therefore, is not the end of the communities’ activities, but the very beginning. Worship sends us forward, propels us into the world, where we engage with the people we meet and serve our neighbours has Christ taught.

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